PCB Services

Beginning January 1st 2014, the benefits world changes for you and your employees.  Are you prepared for what is ahead?... Our clients are. 

  • New eligibility guidelines
  • Demographic and Rating Changes
  • Early Renewal Options
  • Taxes and Penalties
  • Medical Plan Options
  • Underwriting Rules and Guidelines
  • Employee Communication and Compliance

Our clients are prepared with  strategies and guidance to navigate the changes and opportunities that lay ahead.  If your current broker isn’t talking to you about what’s around the corner, you should be talking to us.  For a complete review of your current benefit program, and a copy of our most recent client webinar, feel free to contact me directly. 

Dave Villar


PCB Services

  • Core Services

  • Superior Services

  • Perpetually Improving Benefit Plan

  • Compliance Audit - Human Resources in a Box


Core Services

We offer a flexible personalized service that will be tailored to the needs of your company, now, and into the future.

We do what is commonly expected:

  • Market research and plan analysis
  • Employee meetings and plan installation
  • Annual update and renewal summary

Superior Services

We also do the uncommon on many levels - at no charge

Level One: Additional Company Assistance

  • Compensation and benefit plan profiles
  • Employee communications regarding plan use, etc.
  • Personal claims assistance and provider intervention

Level Two: Administrative Savings

  • COBRA & HIPAA Assistance
  • Human Resources Compliance Audit
  • Discounted Flexible Benefits plan installation and administration
  • Newsletters and benefits bulletins
  • Discounted self-funded plan administration

Level Three: Future Planning

  • Legislative and political updates on benefits and tax law
  • Network of other benefits professionals for special needs
  • Participation in carrier advisory boards - state and regional
  • Participation in state association legislative committees

Perpetually Improving Benefit Plan

Pacific Coast Benefits Insurance Services takes the best of an old concept, benefits brokerage, and brings it to a new level of service with Value Added Benefits Management. In a coordinated effort with our clients, we help them achieve a perpetually improving benefit plan. This is accomplished through several successive procedures.

Strategic Planning:

review of company compensation and benefits objectives, using planning grids. This may involve employee meetings or surveys in combination with a study of existing personnel and financial policies.

Comprehensive Review:

of your current benefit package. If everything is at the quality level desired, a client has confidence that they are not missing an untapped value. Desired modifications are handled through customized proposals outlining the requested improvements and the impact on your business. This includes a review of funding and health care delivery options. After designing benefit plans consistent with your budget and goals, we pro-actively provide periodic evaluations to assure that they remain cost effective. Regular updates are made of the original human resource/financial “blueprint” on which new benefits were established. There may be an expansion of benefits offered in specialty areas, such as payroll deduction plans or an EAP.

Support Services:

include more than just claims and administrative issues. We conduct “on-site” employee meetings to discuss changes and additions to a plan as well as training for administrators and managers. We help communicate your the duties as an employer, including advising on current or pending legislation regarding employee benefits.

A Human Resources Audit plus complete Federal and State Compliance Package:

is an exclusive benefit available for groups over 50. This includes mandatory as well as advantageous forms and information to make a part-time HR responsibility into a full-time success. After your compliance is established, you can receive at no additional cost, a complete set of human resource management forms designed in-house to cover virtually every commonly encountered situation.

Cobra and HIPAA Assistance Services:

offer help with the complicated responsibilities regarding terminated employees. We provide Cobra event tracking including initial notices, Cobra request letters and maintenance literature. We also issue, upon request, certificates of creditable coverage for HIPAA compliance when seeking coverage with another employer.

Legislative Updates:

monitor and report, briefly or in detail, legislative developments on both a state and national level. Also work with other professionals and watch developments in the health care delivery field, and provide updates or outlooks on those changes.


we maintain strong affiliations with a network of other professionals in related fields. These include labor and tax law, human resource and compensation consulting, pension administration, executive benefit planning and Worker’s Compensation.

“Handling Human Resources is a diverse and time-consuming job. These are common areas for concern due to constantly changing and complex laws.”

  • Mandatory postings
  • EEOC tracking for job applicants
  • Interview questions and legal restraints in interviewing
  • Responsible termination procedures
  • Safety training and tracking
  • Proper classification of employees
  • Time off and leave guidelines
  • Required security and separation of employee personnel file

Compliance Audit - Human Resources in a Box

Our Audit provides an opportunity to evaluate these essential and additional business policies for better work flow and peace of mind. Our “Human Resources in a Box” is a complete resource for handling the multitude of employee situations in the workplace.

  • Mandatory Initial, Second and Third COBRA eligibility notices
  • Eligibility tracking during COBRA participation
  • Premium coupon book for efficient payment processing
  • Enrollment election tracking with appropriate reminder notices
  • Premium change notices with new coupon book, if needed
  • HIPAA notices for preexisting conditions and enrollment rights
  • Certificates of Creditable Coverage provided to confirm coverage
  • Right to Conversion notice at end of COBRA, if applicable